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    When you arrange DHL to airfreight your goods, you pay one up front charge and we do the rest. No hidden costs, no secret fees. Door to door delivery, on time every time.

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    Express Customs Services Ltd P.O. Box 424, Port Vila, Vanuatu Telephone: (678) 23943/25247 Fax: (678) 26389 - or complete the form on our Contact page.

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    Include documents and right through to a house or company move with DHL and the Pacific Air Express service every Thursday between Brisbane and Port Vila.

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    Vanuatu is now serviced by a number of airlines; Air Vanuatu, being the National flag carrier. There are a number of flights to choose from when sending your shipments to Vanuatu. A schedule of flights is available by contacting Air Vanuatu through their web site, or by contacting us.

a little about us Express Air Services

Express Customs Services, now trading as Express Air Services has a strong knowledge of Customs’ importation and export requirements for Vanuatu. The team at Express Air Services has a high level of understanding of the procedures of exporting and importing by either sea or air.

We have gained a great deal of experience by working with our various overseas agents and other local importers and exporters. Some of the products handled in the past as exports include: live fish, coral, beche de mer, sandalwood, lobster - all to various parts of the world.

The Company now has eight full time staff as well as a part-time administration person and a fleet of three vehicles. It is a very much family oriented business where everyone within the company is invited to participate in the day-to-day operation.

Express Air Services is looking forward to assisting you with your business to or from Vanuatu.

E-mail: info@express.com.vu